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Dehydrated Facial
This facial is good for dehydrated surface skin, fine lines around the eyes and mouth and lacking natural oils.
Wellness effects:
  • Restore moisture to dry skin
  • Smooth fine lines
  • Hydrate the skin
  • Soften character lines
  • Help stimulate the sebaceous glands to create a natural, healthy glow
  • $70
    Oily Skin Facial
    This facial is good for skin that is shiny and has an oily residue on the surface skin.
    Wellness effects:
  • Help eliminate oily buildup
  • Reduce the shininess without stripping the skin of its natural, protective oils
  • $70
    Firming Facial
    This facial is good for skin that lacks tone, matured, delicate skin that appears to sag and skin with deep creases.
    Wellness effects:
  • Penetrate and plump up the supporting skin tissue
  • Soften and re-elastize mature skin
  • Help refine the skin and restore radiance
  • $70
    Sea Salt Glow Body
    this body treatment is for skin that is dry, dehydrated, lacking tone, fatigued and overall lack of energy.
    Wellness effects:
  • Exfoliate and polish away dull surface skin
  • Impart a healthy, radiant glow
  • Breaks down build-up of waxes from soaps, detergents and lotions
  • Prompt and regenerate skin cells
  • Increase circulation
  • Helps prevent in-grown hair on legs
  • $75
    Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap
    This body treatment is for fluid retention, PMS, irritability, achy joints, recovering from an illness or anyone who wants to detoxify.
    Wellness effects:
  • Detoxify and balance water retention and symptoms caused by PMS
  • Cleanse the skin tissue that appears rippled by unlocking fluids and toxins trapped in the tissues
  • Stimulate lymphatic flow to eliminate toxins through the kidneys and bladder
  • $75
    Remineralizing Seaweed Body Wrap
    This body treatment is for flabby inner upper arms and thighs, drooping breasts, flabby abdomen, sagging buttocks or dry, dehydrated skin.
    Wellness effects:
  • Penetrate and nourish to rehydrate and remineralize skin
  • Improve skin tone and color while stimulating healthy circulation and renewing energy
  • Firms and soothes the skin by re-elasticizing the tissues
  • Increases the skin's ability to hold moisture
  • Restores a radiant glow to the skin and body
  • $75
    All services are la carte.
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